Samsung Galaxy Note 8: How To Clear Cache

There are various challenges that will manifest while you are using the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and when these do, don’t just take it personal. This happens to other phone users as well and on many other devices that are more or less powerful compared to your Galaxy Device. Keeping your calm really matters and you also need to stay informed on the best troubleshooting methods. This will inform you on what exactly you ought to do whenever these problems come up. However, you can always rely on our suggestions when these problems manifest.

Before we conclude that you need to perform a complete factory reset, it is important that you always suspect the cache memory to be causing the trouble. The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 device is just like the other android devices and comes with two types of the cache memory. There is the app cache memory on one hand and on the other we have the system cache that compares to the operating system.

The app cache is deleted through accessing the settings on your Galaxy Note 8, and the system cache requires what is commonly referred to as the System Cache Wipe. The system cache wipe is normally accessible through the recovery mode booting sequence. When your phone freezes, restarts or has some sought of glitches or delays, it is important to determine whether these issues appear randomly or as a result of a particular trouble causing application.


Procedure for Clearing the App Cache on Note 8

  1. Open the settings
  2. Open the Applications manager
  3. Tap on the Faulty application
  4. Open the information screen for the specific faulty app
  5. Click the Cache Clearing Command
  6. Use above steps on other apps that you wish to tackle.


It is also possible to clear the cache on all the applications at once. This helps you when you aren’t able to determine the application that is causing trouble. However, note that completing this action results to removal of all the app data including the settings, the credentials and the preferences. You need to click on the settings, open the cached data and clear all app caches simultaneously.


In Case of General Problems on the System- Try System Cache Clearing on Galaxy Note 8

If you have followed the above steps with no success, then you will need to complete the wipe system cache action. Alternatively, you might wish to uninstall the apps that you might consider responsible for the problems you have been facing. After uninstalling the app, do the Device restart. Back up the device data to ensure you are covered in case of accidental data loss.

As a final solution, the system cache wipe might work. Here are the steps:

  1. Ensure the Phone is on
  2. Simultaneously Hold the Volume up, the home and power buttons
  3. Release power button after a short vibration is felt
  4. Release all other power buttons once you see the Android logo coming up
  5. Navigate to Wipe Cache Partition menu with the Volume Down Key
  6. Use the Power Button to activate the process.


Once you are done with the system Cache wipe on your Galaxy Note 8, use the reboot system now option to exit the recovery mode and go back to the normal running mode.


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