iPhone And iPad In iOS 12: How To Set Custom Ringtones

The Apple device owners believe that their devices come with more than it takes hence assures them supremacy compared to other options available in the market. You can make it more outstanding by adding some tweaks on the beautiful design and the well thought features that help the device stand out. This includes adding some personalization to your phone.

Did a customized ringtone come to your mind with the mention of personalization? You can add a personalized ringtone for every contact on your phone. Therefore, you just landed at the right page since here we will teach you how this can work. Here we illustrate how you can get one or a few of your ringtones to be your personalized tone.

Through the iOS technology, apple allows its users to get creative in an efficient way. This is by taking advantage of the various options that allow the users to personalize their phones. Here are some of the steps you need to follow.


Procedure for adding customization on iPhone

  1. Ensure the iPhone is turned on and that you have the latest version on iTunes installed on your phone.
  2. Ensure you find the songs that suit your personal preferences and taste and tap on that song. Note that the tone will last only for the first thirteen seconds.
  3. Listen to the song and pick the section you would like to listen to. Pick and set the beginning and the end of the song.
  4. Right click or press the control and click button while you are selecting the song so as to create a ACC version. This happens after you press the button that has similar name.
  5. Do away with the old version of the file after you are sure you have successfully copied it.
  6. Pick the name of the tone and click so as to change the extension from previous “.m4a” to “.m4r”
  7. Tap to open the iTunes application and drag the file there.
  8. Synch the mobile phone
  9. Open the settings tab navigate to sounds and tap on ringtone and here you will be able to select the song that you want.


The fact that you can know who is calling you even before you look at your phone is exciting. Your customized tone lets you know who is calling while listening to the song. Know your device better and add some personalization to it.

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