iPhone And iPad In iOS 12: How To Change Auto-Lock Settings

The auto screen lock is a great feature on your Apple device. The feature together with its settings are designed such that it will enable power saving and also ensures you don’t experience those crazy times when you touch the phone accidentally.

The auto screen lock should also not unlock automatically. It is debatable whether you have to enter a –pass code or you will use the fingerprint or even other alternative ways to unlock the screen. Basically, the chosen approach depends on your personal preferences.

In this article, we will discuss some basics on this issue and we will illustrate how to make your preferred changes.


Procedure for Editing Auto-Lock Settings on Apple Device Running iOS 12

  1. Open the phones display
  2. Open the settings dialog
  3. Click on the general settings
  4. Tap on Auto Lock feature
  5. Make changes accordingly and capture the time when you would like the lock screen to be active.


With the above instructions, you are good to go with adjustments of the auto lock settings. Therefore, you can make appropriate changes as at and when you wish.

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