How To Set Custom Ringtones On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

For new owners of iPhone and iPad devices running on iOS, learning how to set a custom ringtone on your devices can be a very good move. It is actually a very simple thing to learn and through simple steps you can have customized tones for your calls and new notifications. In this tutorial, we will take you through the instructions on how to achieve these.


Procedure for setting customized ringtones on iOS iPhone / iPad

The Apple iOS technology allows the users of the device to create and include custom ringtones for selected contacts. On the iPhone and iPad you can follow various alternatives that allow setting of custom tones. Here is a set of instructions illustrating how you can set up customized ringtones on the iOS iPhone and the iPad.

  1. Ensure your iTunes is up to date. If so, click on the iTunes.
  2. Select the song you are interested in keeping (when you select the song, only the first 30 seconds will be played).
  3. Ensure the song has a start and stop time
  4. Add an AAC Version
  5. Copy new file and delete the old one
  6. The file has the extension” .m4a”. Ensure you edit the file extension to “.m4r”
  7. Change the files to iTunes
  8. Allow synch on your iPhone
  9. Set the ringtone and select settings application and sounds then navigate to ringtone and select the sound.


Through the above instructions, then a specific ringtone for the particular individual or contact will be heard when they call your iPhone or iPad. This is the custom ringtone and not the default ringtone making things more personal on your smartphone. This is because this lets you know who is calling even before you look at the iOS 12 Apple device.

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