How To Hard Reset Apple iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

If you just purchased iPhone or iPad that is running on iOS 12, the phone might stop responding well and sometimes you will see it act unusually. When this happens, the most recommended procedure is a hard reset. Performing a hard reset will mean the device will be reset to the original settings. This restores it to the original state when it was taken out of the box straight from the shop. Here you will find instructions on how you can perform a hard reset on your Apple phone.

The first thing that you should do before you start performing a hard reset is backing up the data in your phone. Ensure all the information is backed up so that if you need anything after the hard reset you will be able to reset it immediately. To perform data and information backup on apple devices, open the settings dialog, navigate to the general settings, click on storage and open the iCloud option and then the storage manager, you will find the backup dialog box under the storage manager.


Procedure for Performing Hard Reset on Apple Dev ices Running iOS.

  1. Press and keep holding the device`s wake/sleep buttons and also the home button simultaneously.
  2. Long press the sleep and home buttons for about 10 seconds
  3. Your iOS device will act weirdly until it restarts again.
  4. The home screen will appear again.

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