How To Factory Reset Apple iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

Factory reset feature is one of the most important features that new Apple device owners need to learn about. This is especially for those who are using the iOS 12 and might be experiencing some serious issues with their iPhone or iPad. A factory reset on iPhone or iPad means that the phone will go back to the original settings. Therefore, in this tutorial we will illustrate how you can use the factory reset feature to ensure your phone is operating as it should.

Ensure that you have created a data and information backup before you attempt the factory reset. This is so that you are covered in case of un expected occurrence while performing the factory reset. The data and information on your iPhone or iPad can be backed up easily by opening the settings dialog and then navigating to the general settings to the storage and opening the iCloud feature, open the manage storage feature and click on backups to ensure the data is backed up.


Instructions for Performing Factory Reset on iPhone or iPad running iOS By use of the Hardware Buttons

In case the touch screen has issues, the factory reset can be done successfully through the hardware keys. Here are the instructions that you need to follow.

  1. Ensure the Apple device is turned on
  2. Open the settings and select the general settings
  3. Checkout for reset and click it
  4. Enter the device credentials also referred to as Apple ID and Apple ID Password
  5. The process will be complete in just a few minutes
  6. Once the reset procedure is complete, you will see the screen start from the beginning.


Select the reset device option that appears at the bottom of the screen. This should work if you already have the backup created. The next display you will select Delete all and wait for the procedure to be complete and the iPhone will restart again.


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