How To Clear Cache On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

If you own an Apple device running the iOS 12, you might have experienced an issue that requires you to clear the cache so that the problem is cleared. However, most of the time people might not know how to do this. The troubleshooting methods will ease the experience when you need to clear the cache on apple devices.

A complete Reset to Factory settings or through Cache clearing, you can fix various smartphone issues. Thus, if the phone appears to freeze, has occasional delays or glitches, clearing the cache might be the best way for avoiding this issue. If there is an application that seems to malfunction delete the application first. The procedure for doing this is as illustrated below.


  1. Open the settings and navigate to general
  2. Select storage and the iCloud Usage
  3. Identify storage manager
  4. Open documents item
  5. Swipe to the left to delete the app
  6. Confirm action by tapping delete again.


When choosing clear data, you need to be cautious since it will lead to loss of everything you have on the phone storage. This includes your saved passwords, the account usernames preferences favorites and so on.


What if Application Deletion Doesn’t Help?

Device reboot can help in case the application deletion fails to help. However, apply this method if all other approaches seem not to help. In addition, be sure to create a backup of the data before you can begin resetting the phone. This will ensure you don’t suffer loss of data after resetting the phone to factory settings. A cache wipe will be the last resort if reboot doesn’t help you. Through a system cache reset, you clear the cache partition on the device and once you have completed this device will start become faster and hence no more freezing when you feed instructions.

Therefore, through the above tutorial then the phone will be faster and perform at its optimal point.

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