Canon G7X Screws Needs Replacing (Solved)

For those that love to take vlog or take photos, there’s a good chance that your Canon G7x Mark ii screw goes with you all over the place. Those that use the camera a lot might notice that screen screws of the G7x might have fallen out while using it. The main reason for this to happen is because the opening and closing of the flip screen will put strain on the screws and loosen them up. After the first one falls out, eventually the second screw will fall out as well.

Don’t worry if this happens to your camera, the Canon G7x screws missing is a quick and easy fix with the correct tools. It’s difficult to find these screws because Canon doesn’t sell them, the only option they give you is to send the camera in for a several hundred dollar repair. Also most camera repair shops don’t have in stock. When I tried fixing my G7x the best place I found Canon G7x screen screws was from



Canon G7x Screen Screw Replacement

When I bought the screw from, they got shipped out the next day and only took a few days for them to arrive in them mail. I was able to find several options for the Canon G7X Mark ii screws, they had a single pack and two screws available purchase. Another great thing was that I ended up buying the variation that included the screwdriver as well, because for only a few bucks more, the Canon G7x screws with a screwdriver was worth not having to worry if any of my tools in my toolbox would fit the screw.

All in all everything was great. Shipping was super fast and I was able to easily install the screws into my G7x screen and fix my problem. It basically made me feel like I got a new camera because I didn’t have to worry about the screen falling off anymore. The price was worth it because I didn’t have to drive all over the city looking for a store that would sell the correct screws. I’d suggest others to save the time and buy from Techzomo as well.



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