Apple iOS 12: How To Fix Blurry Pictures And Videos On iPhone And iPad

Blurry images and videos is a serious issue that has been reported by a majority of Apple device users and particularly those running iOS 12. Therefore, it is important that you learn how you can deal with the issue of these images. It is through a pretty simple procedure and you will be able to effectively eliminate this disturbing issue. Forgetting to eliminate the protective casing on the camera lens could be one of the causes of blurry images.

Before you attempt taking images, ensure that the protective casing has been removed. By removing this protective plastic wrap you will notice a notable difference. Incase this doesn’t bring to an end your worries, then proceed and follow the following steps.


Procedure for Solving the Problem of Fuzzy Videos and Blurry Pictures on Apple Devices

The Apple devices running iOS 12 come with an image stabilization image which is a great feature that works well at night time. However, this feature usually comes as a default feature when the phone camera is used and hence causes sluggishness when using the camera. Here is the procedure that you might follow to help in solving the issue of sluggish camera on your iOS 12 Apple device.

  1. Open the settings tab
  2. Tap on General
  3. Open the Storage and iCloud Usage tab
  4. Tap on the Storage management tab
  5. Open an item on the storage or data
  6. Swipe left to delete unwanted item and confirm, the action by selecting delete.


In case the Apple device camera is still slow, restoring the device to factory settings will help.


Here are the instructions that will let you restore the device to factory settings:

  1. Turn on the Apple device
  2. Open the settings icon and select the General settings option
  3. Check and then tap on Reset
  4. Enter your Apple device credentials which is ideally the Apple ID and the Apple ID password
  5. Resetting procedure will be complete in just a few minutes
  6. If the reset is complete, then you will see a screen with continue label.

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