USB Debugging On Samsung Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

USB debugging on Galaxy S8 and S9 is one of the man7y tricks new owners of the Samsung Galaxy would want to learn. For one to make use of the developer gizmo available with the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, it is necessary that you activate Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 debugging over the USB connection within the device.

Here are some procedures for enabling the functionality.


Procedures for Activating Debugging on USB for Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8

  1. Go back to the device home screen
  2. Click on the Applications menu
  3. Navigate to the settings
  4. Click on the “about phone” selection
  5. Checkout for the “build number” for your phone. Click on it for about eight times and a message written “developer mode activated” will appear.
  6. Return one step and you will see the option written “Developer Options” under the settings menu
  7. Move the toggle bar to the ON side so as to activate the developers options
  8. Activate “USB debugging” to enable usage of the developer tools when you wish to.



With the above procedure, you will now be able to actively use the USB debugging on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8.

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