Sleep Mode On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Don’t disturb feature is a common one among the owners and users of the Android device. On the Samsung Note 9, this is a feature that was renamed making it much more difficult for the users to find i9nitially. It has been renamed “the blocking mode” due to the feature`s use which is to block the calls that are coming in and also the text messages. The name change is also as a result of other causes with Apple adopting same name for similar feature. In this regard, Samsung mobile might have chosen to go with the different name to retain the originality.

By any chance, it is important that you familiarize yourself to this feature and also know what it has to offer you. When you enable Blocking Mode on Note 9, you are able to block all the incoming calls, the incoming text messages and also the various notifications as long as the mode is active. This is useful in various situations like for instant when attending meetings, or when you want to avoid disruptions because you are asleep. You will be able to use the other phone features even without facing disruptions from unwanted notifications.

You can make the blocking more customized allowing you to receive only the emergency calls and receive alarms such that you can’t miss any important event. When you enable and configure calls blocking mode, the procedure is quiet simple. Here are the steps for using this feature.


Procedure for Turning on Note 9 Blocking Mode

  1. Tap on the settings
  2. Pick the “Blocking Mode” from the list that is provided
  3. From the right hand corner at the top, there is a toggle switch that lets you deactivate and activate the Blocking Mode. Once the above procedure is followed, a small symbol at the top of the screen will appear like a circle that cuts across the center. This signifies that the blocking mode is active.



Procedure for Configuring and Personalizing Note 9 Blocking Mode

When viewing the Samsung Note 9 Blocking Mode, you are going to be able to see a list of the options that you can customize. This lets you choose the sounds and the notifications that you would like to block through the blocking mode. These are the two options that can be used:

  1. Blocking all the incoming calls
  2. Switching off all the smartphone notifications.


If the mode is to be activated while you go to bed and you want to hear the alarm sound, avoid checking the box that is labeled “switch off the alarm and time”. There is a convenient approach that will allow you to set the regular periods of time where blocking mode automatically activates itself and deactivates again.

You will however not be able to set Blocking Mode on Note 9 for the different weekdays and also the time periods as chosen become effective every day. In addition, you have the ability to select the contacts from the phone book enabling you to receive calls even with the Blocking Mode activated. With the Samsung Note 9 you will have the ability to:

  1. Receive calls from the favorite contacts.
  2. Make custom list of contacts for the people you would like to receive notifications from while the device is on Blocking Mode.


With a decision made regarding from who you would like to receive calls and the notifications that are important, you can therefore receive calls while the blocking mode is activated on Samsung Note 9. The Blocking mode is actually different from the permanent blocking of particular contacts. So as to successfully block the annoying callers, you open the phone application and then access the reject list. You need to add the individual members that you want blocked with this option.

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