Samsung Note 9: How To Fix Back Button Not Working

The Samsung Note 9 comes with the special soft key helping the user to leave the applications properly. Tapping on the home button will close the application and lets you run in the background. Using the back button several times as needed, you see the application close returning to the home screen. What if the back button stops working one day?

Prior to answering you that question, we would like to ask you one important question. How will you be able to tell that the back button has stopped working? The back button on Note 9 might continue to answer the commands but fails to light up again and might not be as a result of what you think.

Note that the Soft Keys on Samsung Note 9 and other devices cannot easily break. Often than expected, they will work just well and if you see them display the light it might be as a result of the settings. It is possible that someone might have disabled the options that say the keys will light up accidentally. Letting the smartphone with no battery and entering the energy save mode will also cause the issue. You can check this through the following steps.

  1. Switch on the Note 9
  2. Open the menus
  3. Open the settings
  4. Tap the faster settings menu
  5. Tap on the power saving submenu
  6. Pick the power save option
  7. Click the performance restriction entry that is listed in there.
  8. Click the option that is labeled “Switch off the Touch light Key”
  9. Untick the box


Now hence forth, you can count the question of fixing a non working Note 9 touch key light as answered. The issue was as a result of altered settings once you have deactivated the option that was blocking the resource from providing the intended functionality. Now the light will work normally.

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