Samsung Note 9 Keeps Turning OFF – Fixed

Like every first time Samsung Galaxy Note 9 owner, the new device comes with excitement but this doesn’t last for long since soon the device might start going off by itself. This makes the owner become worried about what could be causing this. This is usually a very serious issue since the device will start going off even without warning you. If you notice that whenever the phone restarts showing the Samsung logo even without you initiating the action, you can follow the following optional solution that will help to fix the issue.

Consult the Samsung technician who will help to fix the issue or make a replacement in case there is need. In case the phone is still covered by the warranty, this can save you the money you would have paid the technician. Check the Samsung website and search for information on whether the device comes with this issue of switching off. There are other factors that might be causing your device to switch off randomly.

The issue might be as a result of a battery that doesn’t meet the performance expectation. In addition, newly installed applications might be causing the issue or a firmware that triggers crashing of the device. Here are some possible solutions that will help you stop the Samsung Note 9 from restarting.


When the App is Causing Sudden Restarting of the Phone

If it is the newly installed application that is causing the issue, the best alternative will be to remove the application while the device is on safe mode. This method lets you access the device and uninstall the application removing all the bugs that cause the issue. Now, this solves the issue of a restarting device. Here are the simple steps that you need to follow:

  1. Ensure that the Galaxy Note 9 is switched off
  2. Reboot the device by pressing the power button
  3. The device will restart and the Samsung logo will be shown. Now hold the volume reduction key
  4. Press the volume key until the phone is done restarting
  5. Safe Mode message will then be displayed on the screen.


When the Android System is Causing Note 9 to keep Restarting

A factory reset is a sure way for ensuring the Samsung Note 9 stops restarting. The installation of a new firmware causes this issue often. A factory reset will however fix the issue. The factory reset should be done when you have backed up the data on the phone. This is because at the end, everything will be erased and the data will be wiped completely.


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