Samsung Note 9: How To Use HDR Camera

Samsung has introduced the improved Camera hardware which is one of the most superior and popular upgrade from Samsung. The camera features the latest technological advancement and offers a high quality when used to take pictures and videos. This new option comes with improved Camera Application offering multiple shooting modes.

In this article we will feature the different in built modes. The details covered here will help to familiarize you with the new features on the Note device.


The shooting Modes in Samsung Note 9

Launch the camera application of your smartphone and you will immediately be able to capture images. The original settings that allow the camera function in the shooting mode. Try the different options to take a close observation and you will see three shooting options that includes the Pro-mode, discriminating focal point Mode and also the Samsung Note 9 HDR Mode.


Using the Pro-Mode on Samsung Note 9

The pro mode allows you to access the advanced settings on the photography. These include the Aperture, the levels of ISO and also the white-balance. In case you aren’t familiar to such terms when it comes to photography, then the Pro mode might not be meant for you. In case you have got a vague idea and are experienced photographer, the innovative shooting mode can greatly enhance the images that are captured on your Samsung Note 9.


Using the discriminating focal point Mode

The selective focus mode allows the camera app to capture many images of the focus. Each of the photos can be adjusted to various focus levels. Therefore, this means that it takes long time to process each of the photos. The mode offers you various options in the portico for each of the photographs. The mode enables you to capture best photos on Note 9.


Using High Definition Range Mode on Samsung Note 9

This is the shooting mode that automatically improves the image quality as per the different environments for each of the photos taken with the HDR on Note 9. Samsung combines multiple photos at a different exposure when creating an image. The image is designed to be the best experience possible. The objective of the image shoot option is to make the photos brighter and reduce the figure of images that appear dark. This happens automatically by adjusting the contract on either of the photo sets.

The HDR on Samsung Note 9 can be enabled from your Camera application setting. The photos difference is instant giving you the a nice done and contrasted images every time.


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