Samsung Note 9: How To Turn ON Double Tap And Wake up

When the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 was unveiled for the first time, the feature that caught new user’s attention was the double tap option. This option was commonly used to wake up the phones display or send the phone back into the resting mode. Well, things didn’t happen as expected and this was really disappointing to the users. After a while, Samsung came up with a new feature.

Always on display feature is a setting that lets you see the important and frequently accessed features like the time and the date notifications. These are displayed on the phones screen and so no need for having to turn the screen on. Therefore the objective was clearly to do away with tapping the screen by allowing users to view important information on the screen.

For some users, this is definitely a convenient feature. However, if it is one of those cool features you like, you can activate it through these steps to enable double tap on Note 9.


Procedure for Activating Wake up Feature on Samsung Note 9

You need a third party application to use the double tap feature. Multiple applications are available on Google Play Store that can let you accomplish this. Either of the available apps will do the job right. It is obvious that this app needs to run on the background throughout so as to ensure convenience. This might appear like will lead to a draining the battery faster than expected. You might want to try one of these apps on your Samsung note 9. In case the feature is not very good for you, you can always uninstall it to avoid the battery issue.

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