Samsung Note 9: How To Turn OFF And ON Autocorrect

Activation and deactivation of the autocorrect feature on Samsung might be one of the coolest features that users of Samsung Note 9 might want to learn. The feature was originally developed to help reduce the errors the phone users made while texting.

There are some users who find the feature exciting and want to use it while others are not happy with what the feature does hence want to deactivate it. The reason why some users want to deactivate the autocorrect on Note 9 is that it sometimes ends up correcting a word that wasn’t wrongly spelled. This is especially when using slang and abbreviations not found in the phones dictionary.

Regardless of your take on this feature, we are going to explain to you the procedure for deactivating autocorrect on Samsung Galaxy Note 9.


Activating and Deactivating AutoCorrect on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open a screen that shows you the keyboard. This can be your Emailing app, the texting app or any other editing view.
  3. Press the “dictation key”
  4. Tap on the settings gear option
  5. Tap on the predictive Text below the smart typing and switch off the feature.
  6. You can now select the setting that you want to disable that might include the punctuation marks, and also the auto capitalization.


In case you have a different view at a later date, you can activate the autocorrect feature on your device again. The process is fairly simple and allows you to activate and deactivate autocorrect on Samsung Note 9. Note that the procedure might vary in case you are using the third-party applications.


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