Samsung Note 9: How To Turn OFF Sidebar

The new sidebar feature happens to be one of the most discussed features. The feature can be accessed when you swipe from the screen edge inwards and dragging the sidebar towards the display. There are several easy to access functions offered by the sidebar that greatly improves functionality and user experience on the new device. This feature comes with various options like the contacts and the Quick Tool.

The sidebar on Note 9 will be activated through the default settings. This feature can be disabled to ensure it doesn’t appear on the screen again. Here are the steps that will help you learn how to easily and quickly remove sidebar on Samsung Note 9 display.


Procedure for Turning Off the Sidebar on Samsung Note 9

  1. Go to the home screen view
  2. Access the applications menu
  3. Navigate to the general settings
  4. Tap on the “Page Screen”
  5. Open the Page Panels Options
  6. A toggle switch appears that allows you to deactivate and activate the sidebar on your Galaxy Note 9 phone.


Exiting this menu will mean that the sidebar and its symbol will no longer be displayed on the screen. the action clears the display view and anytime you decide the sidebar is useful, you can always activate it once again through the same steps.

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