Samsung Note 9: How To Turn OFF And ON Preview Messages

What’s your take when it comes to the Messages Option on Samsung Galaxy Note 9? For some users, they absolutely love it and for others they would rather forgo it. Then if you feel the messages preview is not your cup of tea, we will quickly show you how to get rid of the messages preview on Note 9. This is whether it is through a locked screen or from the phones home screen notification bar.

The main reason why you choose to not have this feature is entirely your own choice. For some Note 9 users, they feel that when they have people around them, these people might peep on the phone and read the preview. For others, they dislike the idea of having to check the messages app to know the content of the message.

If you want to deactivate the preview message on Samsung Galaxy Note 9, you can easily do so through these steps.


Steps for Activating or Deactivating Preview Messages Popup on Note 9

  1. Switch on the phone
  2. Open the settings menu
  3. Tap on the Applications Option
  4. Select the messages
  5. Open the notifications
  6. Pick the messages preview option
  7. Checkout for the Lock Screen and Status bar
  8. Tick or untick the alternative that you need to tweak
  9. If you want to adjust, go back to the messages preview and select the right box.


So long as you choose to deactivate the status bar box, then you will no longer see the preview messages on Samsung Note 9.

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