Samsung Note 9: How To Take Panoramic Pictures

The new Samsung smartphones feature the best camera. However, not many users know that they can take the panoramic photos using Note 9. The Note 9 panoramic pictures look great at all times and so you might want to capture the whole thing outside of that frame.

A wider view allows you to capture beautiful images that you wouldn’t have captured without making use of the panoramic feature on Samsung Note 9. In this article, we will explain to you the process of taking the Note 9 panoramic images through some simple steps.


Procedure for Turning on Panorama on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Switch on the Camera application
  2. Open the MODE button that is located on the left corner at the bottom of the screen
  3. Tap on the Panorama thumbnail
  4. Use the shutter button and begin moving the camera in one direction so as to capture on a wider view.
  5. An alignment box appears on the box to assist you ensure the overall scenery is aligned.
  6. The Camera application starts to put the small pieces of pictures together forming a large panoramic picture
  7. Once done, the image can be accessed from the photo gallery


After following the above steps, you now should be able to take a nice panoramic photo using the Samsung Note 9 device.

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