Samsung Note 9: How To Set Favorite Contacts

The new Samsung Note 9 owners will be glad to realize the phones cool features. For instance, you are able to favorite the contacts that you wish to. The feature is very useful especially when you want to find the contacts much faster.

Through the favorite contacts on Note 9 you will no longer have to browse the entire contacts list trying to find the contacts that you frequently reach. In case this is a feature that sounds good for you, we have come up with a quick guide that teaches you the procedure for creating and adding favorite contacts. You just need to add a star on the contact marking it as a favorite contact on Samsung Note 9.


Guide for Adding Contacts to the Favorite list on Samsung Note 9

  1. Switch on the phone first
  2. Open the phone application
  3. Open the contacts section
  4. You can add a star or mark certain contacts as favorites selecting them one by one.
  5. Red circle appears and you need to click on the Star option.


Through the use of the Samsung Note 9, you can pick the names that are to be set as favorite contacts. The name of the contact will then be included on the favorites list once you tap on the star. Note that you can’t arrange the favorite contacts in any specific order. However, the favorites can be set in the alphabetic arrangement making it easier to find them. If you wish to remove a contact from the favorites on Note 9, you just need to uncheck the stars from the person’s name. You can as well delete the whole contact removing it from the favorite list.

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