Samsung Note 9: How to Reset Password When Locked Out

If you own the Samsung Note 9 for the first time, one of the challenges you might be faced with is a forgotten Passcode. This locks you out and you will not be able to access the device. Therefore, you might need to recover the Passcode so as to access the device. There are various options that will allow you to achieve this objective. Some options will mean that you restore the device to factory settings so as to reset the Passcode once again.

Unfortunately, this erases all the device data and the files you had saved on your phone. In case you didn’t have the backup of your device at the time when you wish to reset the Passcode, you might want to use the following approaches so as to access the device. These options will mean that you will not lose the data. Let’s check the three options available allowing you to change the Passcode even without performing the device reset.


Procedure for Completing Factory Settings Restore As a Passcode Recovery Approach

  1. Switch the phone off
  2. Simultaneously press and hold the power, home and volume increase buttons
  3. Once the Android I con pops up, release the buttons
  4. Use the Volume control buttons to highlight the “Wipe Data or Factory Reset” option
  5. Press the power button to complete the action
  6. Use the volume control buttons to select “yes”
  7. Press the power key to reboot the phone.
  8. You now have the ability to create a new Passcode and set the other preferences as you have reset the phone to factory settings.


Checkout the guide on Note 9 Factory Settings Reset that will help you to create the phone backup on your device so that you will not lose any data or files after completing the factory settings restore.


Using the Find My Mobile Feature by Samsung for Passcode Reset

The Find My Mobile Feature by Samsung is another alternative when you wish to recover the Passcode. The feature compares to the Apples “Find My iPhone” option and allows the user to use the remote controls so as to access the password reset and change the password. With this approach, there is no need for completing the factory reset. Here is the procedure you need to follow.

  1. Register for the Samsung Account
  2. Select the “Find My Mobile” feature from Samsung.
  3. Add a temporary password and enter this password on the locked screen and you can now access the phone
  4. With the device accessible now, it will be possible to set a new Passcode.


Using the Android Device Manager for Passcode Resetting

The Android Device Manager is another option when it comes to Passcode recovery methods for Note 9. Prior to using this feature, you have to register for it. Once you have registered for the feature, you will then be able to use it. Here is the procedure.

  1. Open the Android Device Manager using a PC or an alternative mobile device
  2. Find the Note 9 attached to your account
  3. Select the “Enable” option that appears besides the Lock and Erase Option
  4. Follow the prompts so as to complete the smart phone unlock action
  5. Add a temporary Passcode
  6. Use the created Passcode to unlock the phone
  7. Add a new password once the device is unlocked.

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