Samsung Note 9: How To Keep Screen On Longer

In case you are struggling with the screen of the Samsung Note 9 that tends to lock automatically even without touching the screen, in this article we will help you with that. Thinking of the screen timeout settings? You are almost getting the answer but it is not what is on your mind. These are settings that are easily accessible under the display options allowing you to pick anything from as low as ten minutes.

So, how can you achieve keeping the screen on for a longer period of time, through the use of the Samsung Note 9 Stay Awake feature? In case you have not heard of it? It’s because this is an unavailable feature on the general settings.


Procedure for Adjusting time Taken by Samsung Note 9 Awake Mode

  1. Unlock the smart phone and navigate to the home screen.
  2. From the home screen look for the settings and open the device information
  3. Checkout for the build number option and click on it fastest you can
  4. The seventh tapping will result to a popup that reads “Developer Options Unlocked”
  5. Use back button to resume to general settings
  6. Press the Developer Options as activated
  7. Check for the option that reads “Stay Awake”
  8. Click on the option and check the box leaving the settings


This is definitely a no compromising option. You were interested in keeping the Samsung Note 9 display on for an extended period of time. We have therefore shown you how you can keep it on even with no efforts until the time when you decide on adding a manual lock.

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