Samsung Note 9: How To Customize Notification Bar

What comes to your mind when you hear about the customization of the Samsung Note 9 Notification bar? The reason why this question has been posed to you is because there are plenty of options. Note that if the notification bar is clouded right now, you will have more tasks when it comes to clearing stuff. There is a high likelihood that you might want to retain the Bluetooth and the Wi-Fi settings on the notification for a quicker access.

In case you want to make some customization on notification bar on Note 9 but are uncertain on the best approach to take, we have come up with a guide that teaches you about the notifications bar commonly referred to as the notices drawer.

  1. The Pull-Down bar for notifications is usually located at the top of the Samsung Note screen and on any application, the window and also the home screen.
  2. Pull-downwards starting from the screen top using one finger to access the notification tab.
  3. Two fingers will get you an extended menu that is commonly7 referred to as the faster settings menu and covers a larger part of the screen.
  4. There are4 various toggles for the main settings that will appear with the Note 9 notification bar.
  5. You might see the slider that lets you adjust screen brightness
  6. To add customization on the view of the notification bar, first access the faster settings menu.


Customizing the Notification Bar on Samsung Note 9

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Use one finger to have access to the notification bar.
  3. Click on the top icon square on the right side to heat to faster settings.
  4. Click on the pencil shaped symbol that appears on the top of the screen
  5. Open the notifications panel to edit the settings. Note that the location might vary depending on your carrier.
  6. You might make a decision on whether the brightness adjustment toggle will stay or be removed.
  7. Pick the settings that you need to have access to through the notifications bar and press the toggle that you want to remove while holding it, then dragging it and dropping it to the remote location.


With your favorite settings selected, and having specified the order that you want them in, you are now free to start using the phone as usual. The screen mirroring and also the calls barring mode including various other options will be closer as you might have always wished.

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