Samsung Note 9: How To Change Device Name

Regardless of the identity you attach to your smartphone, the default identity will be set from the factory and remains so. However, when you want to connect the device to another one and you are required to key in some authentication, the plain name used will appear on the other device and refers to your phone in this case and you might want to change the Note 9 name.

This is for instance when you need to connect to another device through the Bluetooth, and various other circumstances. In this tutorial, you might see it as an irrelevant one, but for many other users, these are aspects that matter a lot. For those that don’t like the generic name, knowing how to customize the name of the Samsung Note 9 will be helpful.

You can even use the name as the one that shows on the screen. Here are the simple steps to follow to change device name on Note 9.


Procedure for Editing Device Name on Samsung Note 9

  1. Ensure that the device is unlocked
  2. Let the phone display the home screen
  3. To launch the general menu, swipe down from the screen top
  4. Open the settings section on your device
  5. Checkout for the device information
  6. Tap on device information and search for the device identity entry
  7. Tap the device name and a window will appear showing on the screen
  8. Enter the new name as you would like it to appear on your phone
  9. Before exiting the menus, save the new settings.


That is all you have to do to edit the Samsung Note 9 device name. Ideally, you just have to access the device identity and with that you are free to enter any name that you want. The new name represents your smartphone in the meantime, and whenever you are connecting to any other device.

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