Samsung Note 9: How To Add Contact Image – Resolved

Contact application can be personalized through a variety of ways. For the Note 9, the users can opt to include an image on the contact profile or even prefer customized call alert tones for each of the contacts saved in their device.

For personalizing contact profile through images, you will view the image of the person calling you on the screen. The procedure for adding contact pictures on Note 9 is easy in spite of the main reason why you might opt to have this. For some, they want to see an image of their friend or family member when they call while for others it’s so as to just know who is calling through the image even without checking the name of the caller. Follow the steps below to learn how to add contact image on Samsung Note 9


Procedure for Including the Contact Picture on Samsung Note 9

  1. Open the contact application
  2. Checkout for the contact profile you want to adjust
  3. Select the contact and you will see the profile elements
  4. Select the amend option on the right side at the top
  5. Click on the round image that has the camera app at the middle
  6. This launches the camera app
  7. On the bottom right side of the camera application, you will see small gallery symbol, click it
  8. Browse the images on the gallery and select the image that you want to attach to the contact
  9. The image is allocated to the contact immediately and now you can exit the screens or go through the same procedure to include images on the other contacts.


Once you have completed the steps above, the image selected will not only be included in the contact, but also be associated with that contact by default. If your phone supports the hands-free feature, the image will automatically appear there.

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