Samsung Note 9: How To Add Contact Image Guide

Adding a contact image on your Samsung Note 9 smartphone is a good idea and feels cool to learn how to do it. This allows you to add personalization on your phone and together with setting a custom ringtone for each of the contacts on your phone you can go a step ahead and set a custom contact image on Samsung Note 9.

This lets you know who is calling when you just look at the picture. If these customizations just feel right for you, then we are going to explain to you the steps for adding a custom image on Note 9.


Steps for Adding the Contact Image on Note 9 Device

  1. Switch on the device
  2. Locate the contacts application
  3. Highlight the contact that you want to edit
  4. Tap on view details
  5. Pick the editing option which is on the right upper corner of the phone screen
  6. Tap the round symbol that has the camera at the middle
  7. Tap on small gallery icon that is located on the bottom right of the camera application
  8. Browse the saved images and select the picture that suits as the contact image
  9. The photo will automatically be chosen and assigned to the contact selected.
  10. Repeat those steps if you need to add more contact images.


With those simple steps, you now are aware of how to add the contact image on Samsung Note 9 contact list. Therefore, you can personalize the experience and know who is calling by just looking at the image.



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