Samsung Note 9: Best Tips and Tricks

Samsung Mobile introduced the Galaxy Note 9 as the latest smartphone in the Note series. The device is apparently the best stylish device to beat. It comes with a beautiful curved screen with a sportiest look. The Qualcomm processor comes with enough memory and bootable storage. The smartphone is also listed as the first device released by Samsung that comes with the dual camera. However, the users of this device still don’t know a lot about the device. Are you one of the persons who are yet to figure out where to get started? I

n this article, we feature a guide to the top tricks and tips that will let you get much more out of the smartphone. We include the camera tutorials, and also the tricks about the Nifty S Pen. Check the detailed guide that will help you understand the Bixby, and the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Assistants powered by the Artificial Intelligence.


Using Bixby On Note 9

Samsung Note 9 Bixby is here to stay whether you love it or hate it. The feature comes with a bestowed key on every Note 9 and it is located at the side. The Artificial Intelligence assistant is just a click away during every moment and comes prepared to share the content, with the reminders and several commands that are activated through sound. These features are only possible if you have an assistant that is dedicated to your device. As an example, Bixby will be asked to scroll down a webpage or even to display for a while. The Bixby can be activated simply by holding the Bixby button or just saying “Hello Bixby”.

The voice commands is just a portion of what the Bixby has to offer. There is also the Bixby home which comes as a collection of the flash cards that have local weather, the news and other content that Samsung finds useful to the user. The feature also has the ability to learn your schedule too. Therefore, if you are fond of calling the same contact daily at a given time, the feature displays the content information even before you search for the same. For those that don’t like Bixby, you might want to learn how to use “OK Google” on Samsung Note 9.

The feature comes with the ability to see courtesy of the Bixby vision feature. By just pointing to a barcode or a product code, it provides relevant links and the convenience shops where you can find the product. The Bixby is overwhelming because it is a useful feature that is sent to the home screen whenever you unexpectedly tap the button. Samsung included the feature that enables the user to switch off the Bixby keys. Open the Bixby home, select the settings key on the right corner at the top side, and uncheck the checkbox that comes up. You still will have the ability to tap the button and communicate to the Bixby feature. This feature can still be turned off though it becomes much harder to trigger it accidentally. If you’re having problem with Bixby, read this guide on how to fix Bixby when not working.


Factory Reset Galaxy Note 9

Performing the Galaxy Note 9 reset to factory settings is a great way for letting you fix any major issues. This is beginning with the software update issue, or when you want to hand in the phone to another user. The feature gets rid of all that is on your phone and therefore before you continue, you should consider backing up the data. The procedure is open the settings, navigate to the cloud and accounts, open the backup and reset, then select the reset to factory settings. The last option will complete the reset process returning the phone to the out-of-box state. For those experiencing issues, or want to change the phone ownership, this is the last solution. You can read a more detailed guide on how to factory reset Samsung Note 9 here.



Customize Always-On Display

The Always-ON display is one of the preferred features on Galaxy Note 9. The feature gives the users of the phone access to information like the time, date, incoming notices and battery levels faster. The feature doesn’t reduce the battery life making it a nice feature. It is one of the most customizable features and even when you have the screen OFF, the feature remains technically ON. There is a small surface on the screen that allows you to view the details on the screen. The look and touch of the always – ON feature can be altered allowing you to add the datebook, and even change the background appearance.

Open the settings, and then search for the Always-On display. The toggle can be moved to ON in case it is turned OFF. Then you need to tap on the option so that you can enter the customization details as preferred. There are occasional upgrades released by Samsung and comes with additional attributes also. Therefore, keep checking to know when a new feature is released. In case you will not like having the feature active in the future, you can always deactivate the Always-ON Display. You also might find it helpful to learn how to turn on double tap and wake up display on Samsung Note 9.


Use Galaxy Note 9 Secure Folder

An impressive feature that comes with Samsung mobile is the secure folder. It is an essential enterprise grade security feature for all that is in your mobile phone. Have the Gmail or social media applications and you can always lock them in the secure folder. In addition, you can capture photos and keep them in the secure folder and some also called it Private Mode on Note 9. The secure folder is an inbuilt application in your Galaxy Note 9. You should make use of the fingerprint, the Iris or a password to have accessibility to this folder. Open the settings, and look for the secure folder. In case you have not done this already, you can sign in through the Samsung account. Select appropriate unlocking approach and begin enjoying security on your Galaxy Note 9. For more about Secure Folder and Private Mode on Samsung Note 9, read here.


Setup Find My Mobile (Lost Galaxy Note 9)

In case you lost your Galaxy Note 9, you can make use of two approaches to locate the lost phone. One of the features is the Google Find My Phone application. You can alternatively make use of the Samsungs Find My Phone application that is similar to the service offered by Apple. Ensure you have set the feature before you lost the device.

When you have lost the Galaxy Note 9 or in case it is stolen, the service becomes useful since you can track the phone down. You can also make it play a loud sound like when you lose it around your home to locate it. Or you can alternatively erase all data in an event it is stolen.

Open the settings, and then search for the application. Alternatively, you can log in to the Samsung user account or create a new account and switch the application on. The screenshot above shows the Google service and both work in a similar manner. Ensure you have allowed the prompts to make use of your phone location and utilize the Google locality service to easily find a lost phone. This article on how to reset password when locked out of Samsung Note 9, might be helpful.


Customize Note 9 With Themes

If you want to have a customized look and feel of Galaxy Note 9, check out the theme store. The feature is available for all the Samsung devices and it is one of the powerful features. Open the settings, and navigate to the Wallpapers and the Themes. You can download the Themes application it is not installed in your phone. Then, you can browse the hundreds of themes and the wall papers many of which are free though others are paid for. Hit the download bar when you find an application that you like. The Material Blue Theme gives Note 9 my favorite look. Later if you want to change your theme, read this guide on how to delete downloaded theme on Note 9 and replace with new theme.


How To Customize Do Not Disturb Mode

When you don’t want to be disturbed, the Do not Disturb feature is great though it is something like a blanket. This feature other times is called Sleep Mode, you can learn more about using Sleep Mode on Samsung Note 9 here. The Galaxy Note 9 allows you to get selective on this feature. Therefore, you can allow specific contacts to break through the barrier. Here is the procedure to follow.

  1. Open the settings
  2. Head to Sounds and Vibrations
  3. Open Do Not Disturb
  4. Click on Allow Exceptions
  5. Tap the Contacts, the apps and alarms you want to allow


How To Use Dual Camera Features

There are lots of twin megapixel sensors on the Galaxy Note 9 Camera making it the first camera globally that comes with dual optical image stabilization. It also has a HDR camera, you can learn how to use the Samsung Note 9 HDR camera here. The Note 9 camera applications are incredibly versatile. The Note 9 Camera has the dual capture feature that works in dual tandem with the live focus. The Live focus uses the lens on the phone, while the dual capture will take images automatically through a wider angle lens, making sure you will not skip anything in the frame. With the press of the shutter button you need just two shots. This gives you a wider angle shot that you can fall on incase the shot doesn’t come out as expected. The procedure for making use of this feature is:

  1. Click on the Live Focus button
  2. Click Dual Capture. This is the one that looks like two sheets of paper that are stacked above the other.


When you take the live focus shot next time, you can check the Note 9`s gallery application that allows you to view all the versions of it. The live focus feature comes with two options. You can make adjustments on the Blur and the Normal picture. The normal picture lets you see a wider angle on the image. It’s probably also a good idea to know how to use selfie flash on Samsung Note 9 to get the best pictures, you can read this guide here.


Note 9 Display Adjustments

The Samsung Note 9 comes with one of the best displays compared to other smartphones. You can make adjustments or just few tweaks to ensure it looks good. Open the settings, navigate to Find Display and then the screen mode.

You can make choice from four modes that include the Adaptive Mode, the AMOLED cinema, AMOLED image and basic mode. A demonstration picture on the screen lets you have a view on how either of them appears. The Adaptive mode will allow you more options and from the list, at the bottom there is a slider that makes the colors appear cool or warm. Click on the advanced option and the color red, color green and color blue channels can be gotten from the sliders.

Ensure you also check the “Font and Screen Zoom” menu. The zoom level that is set by default appears larger for the device just as the Note 9. However, this can be lowered by dragging the slider towards the left such that more contents will fit the screen. In case you struggle seeing everything at default zoom, ensure it’s larger by moving the slider to the right side. It might also be helpful for you to read how to adjust screen sensitivity on Samsung Note 9 here.


Powerful Multitasking Through Pop-Up View

The Android phones that run the new Android system comes with a split screen mode. However, the Galaxy Note 9 is a notch higher since it allows you to open any application like a resizable floating window on the popup view. You can launch this through two ways. The best approach is opening the overview option and pressing the application that you want to access.

An application that is on the pop-up view is easily moved and resized like a window that is on your computer. The buttons that appear at the top of the floating window will allow you close, maximize and also minimize the application. The applications that are minimized will be on the screen and appear as a floating icon that you can tap anytime and re-open it.


The Use Of Handwriting As Note 9 Input

Samsung`s S Pen allows you to draw and gloss, but how about the text keying? The Galaxy Note 9 comes with inbuilt handwriting allowing you to make use of the pen from Samsung on a text field. The handwriting mode can be opened by moving the pen over the text entry field and then tapping on the blue icon that comes up. The writing area replaced the keyboard and so you can begin writing.

The Samsung hand writing recognition system comes as an extremely accurate feature letting you to feel free to proceed fastest as you might wish. Upon pausing, the input field transcribes the written text. Ensure there is space between words.


Note 9 Screen-Off Memo

Jotting down quick notes can be done even without having the phone screen unlocked. You just need to remove the S pen and the phone will automatically enter the screen-off memo mode. There is a black screen that comes with the basic pen tool including an eraser. You need to write the notes and click a button that is at the corner to save the note. The note application can sync with Samsung Cloud allowing you to secure the notes.


Print From Galaxy Note 9

You can print stuff that is in your Note 9 on a wireless printer if you have one. You just need to have a plug-in so that this can work and the rest is done simply. Click the settings, navigate to connections, tap on more connection settings, click printing and select Download Plug-in. Now, go to Download Google Cloud Print and follow the instructions that appear on the screen to complete the setting up and that’s it. This lets you begin printing from the Galaxy Note 9.


Use The Note 9 As A Mobile Hotspot (Wi-Fi)

You can share the internet connection from your Galaxy Note 9 through its Hotspot feature. This allows your other devices to log in to the WIFI just like happens at the airport or even the coffee shop. There are various data plans that support the feature and so with the unlimited plan you never exhaust the data.


The feature can run wirelessly or you might use the USB cable to tether. The process is as follows:

  1. Open the settings
  2. Navigate to connections
  3. Open the mobile hotspot and tethering
  4. Select mobile hotspot settings


At the settings feature, you can name the hotspot, creating a new password for it.


Change The Keyboard

Keyboards on Google play store is one of the most popular third party applications. We have the Swift key, Gboard from Google, Swype, and several others. These allow the user to key in faster and you can also add custom look giving you more control. The keyboard from Samsung is decent, but if you want, here is the approach to change it.


  1. Open Google Play Store
  2. Search for the keyboard you want and have it installed
  3. Open the keyboard and follow the prompts once it’s open
  4. Set this as the default keyboard.


With the above procedure, you can begin enjoying the apps experience.


Use Galaxy Note 9 Fingerprint Scanner

When you need to secure and keep the smartphone safe, you need the fingerprint scanner. The feature also does a lot more than just securing the phone. You can access the websites and sign in instantly without having to enter the credentials provided you have the Fingerprint scanner active.

Open the settings menu, locate the lockscreen and the security, or search for the feature through the search bar that is at the top. Scroll further down to the on-screen prompts and include one or two fingerprints. You can the fingerprints other than enter the login credentials on apps like Bank of America banking App.

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