Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Use Calculator

The calculator is one of the cool features on Samsung Note 9 that we haven’t touched on as we discuss the extra features on Note 9. Did you know that owning the Note 9 comes with a scientific calculator? This is a calculator that can handle even the most complex calculations on Note 9.

Like many other options, the calculator is in built meaning that you will not need to search online for the calculator. It’s on your device and so you just need to learn about it and have the knowledge on how to use it. In this article we will feature what it takes to use the calculator widget on Samsung Note 9.

The Samsung Note 9 calculator is not an application, it comes as a widget. You will get a shortcut to it on the phones home screen and looks like all the other application icons transforming the phone into becoming a calculator. Let’s see how you can activate the calculator widget on Note 9.

The built in calculator that you have decided to give a chance can be activated by simply rotating the screen to the right direction. This definitely implies that the rotate screen is already active. In case it is not active, open the notification window and fix it immediately. With that been done, you should then turn the phone holding it transversely. The calculator extends on the phone screen and reveals all the calculations and the special functions. Try using it and send us your feedback.

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