Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Reset Password When Locked Out

People often forget their phone passwords hence the reason why the phone developers consider giving an option for dealing with resulting lockout. Are you locked out and would like to learn how you can reset the forgotten password on Note 9? To begin with, you shouldn’t use the factory reset option as it results to deletion of all the files that you probably haven’t backed up.

In this article, we share with you some two alternative methods that you can use successfully in case your phone has been stolen or you lose the phone. These methods will help to protect your phone. The security alternatives are important even if you haven’t lost the phone. Note that unlock password on Note 9 needs to be edited in this particular case.


  • The Use of Android Device Manager-this is the first and the most common solution that needs you to have registered for the service prior to using it. This is also the case when you have forgotten the unlock password on Samsung Note 9 and would like to use the method to gain access to the phone. The lock feature should be activated so that you can be able to reset the unlock password.
  • Samsung Locate My Mobile Service-Samsung has introduced the find my mobile service also referred to as locate or find my android. The service is similar to the Apple`s find my iPhone as it lets you find the phone through the remote controls allowing you to temporarily use the password reset on Samsung Note 9. This will also let you skip the lock screen without the need for typing the password that you might have forgotten as well. However, you need to register with Samsung to be able to use this service.
  • Reset the Phone to Factory Settings-resetting the phone to the factory settings is an alternative that mostly works when no0thing else will. It actually solves the issue but then you will have to forego your personal data. With this option, your phone will look as good as when it is brand new.



How To Make Use Of Device Manager Feature By Android

  1. You need to use an alternative device so as to access the feature
  2. Open the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 screen through the alternative device
  3. Make sure the Erase and Lock option has been activated.
  4. Follow the prompts to lock the phone
  5. Set a temporal password so that you can use it to unlock the phone
  6. Through password reset you will have successfully set a new password for the phone.


Using Samsung Remote Controls To Locate The Note 9

  1. Ensure that you have registered for the service with Samsung
  2. Open the locate my mobile feature from Samsung
  3. Reset the password temporarily
  4. Use new password to skip the existing lock screen setting
  5. Now set up a new screen unlock password


Galaxy Note 9 Factory Reset During Lockout

  1. Switch off the phone forcefully
  2. Simultaneously tap and hold the volume plus, home and power button
  3. Release the buttons once you see the Android icon on the phone
  4. Navigate through the menu using the volume down button
  5. Highlight reset to factory settings and using the power button accept it
  6. You will be asked to confirm whether you are sure you want to delete all the data. Highlight “Yes-Delete All User Data” using the volume reduction button and confirm the action by pressing the power button
  7. Your smartphone will no0w reboot and will have a clean memory with no password left.


Let us know in case you have any other question regarding a Samsung Note 9 screen Lockout.

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