Samsung Galaxy Note 9: How To Find IMEI Serial Number

The Samsung Note 9 device is just like the other smartphones and comes with its IMEI number. Each of the devices comes with the feature and as the owner of the device, it is important that you are able to know the number and note it. Many owners of the Samsung Note devices don’t know the IMEI number neither do they know where they can locate the number. The IMEI number on Note 9 acts as the serial number identification code for your device. It is that one piece of information that lets you identify the device.

The 16-digit number or the IMEI, is not easy to know and memorize and therefore the reason why noting it down is as important. However, first we will let you know few details about the number and how you can get to see it. It is referred to as the International Mobile Equipment Identity and abbreviated IMEI. Normally, this is a unique number that is associated with every other device out there.

The GSM networks use the number to verify the identity and validate the phone. If the number is unverified, then the device will; become blacklisted. Therefore, confirming the IMEI number on Note 9 with your service provider is important so that you are assured the device is perfectly usable. To check this crucial number, you can use either of these approaches:

  1. Check the packaging box that came with your device in case you haven’t disposed the device yet. If you will not have a hard time finding the sticker, note down the 16 digit number and note it down.
  2. You will be able to discover the IMEI code from your Android device settings. This is when you access the Device information section or the status where you can find the entry among the many others.
  3. The IMEI number can be gotten by dialing *#06# from the dial pad of the device you want to find the IMEI for. The code will be displayed on the screen.


With that information, you can start making use of it immediately. There are no excuses for not being able to find the IMEI on Samsung Note 9 device going forward.


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