Samsung Galaxy J7: How To Clear Cache

The Android issues are common in one device to another and this is really a good thing since it allows for a chance to come up with the general trouble shooting options and quick fixes. This is for the Samsung Galaxy J7 smartphone where you can always initiate a Comprehensive Factory settings reset or the wipe cache procedures. These are actions that allows you to solve various bugs and glitches and particularly the software problems.

The main difference here is that there is one of these that just deletes everything to ensure the problem is completely gotten rid of, and the other is just meant to clear the phone`s cache. Ideally, one of the solutions will perform better in the severe situations and also when the phone becomes unresponsive. The other suits you when a device experiences glitches, lags, delays and also freezes.

Lets first focus on the second option where the cache wipe for a obvious reason gives you an opportunity for fixing the issue without the need for having to restart the configuration of the Samsung Galaxy J7 from the scratch.

In case you have gone through the other tutorials on Android troubleshooting, you might have known that the cache memory comprises of two types. the two are the app cache memory and the system cache. These two store temporal data and help when it comes to switching between the applications and handling the processes and services. with all that in mind, it is obvious you need to clear the app cache as the first solution in case you are facing an app issue and then you can as well perform the system cache clearing when the issue manifests again.


Procedure for Clearing the Application Cache

  1. Open the Settings and navigate to the applications manager
  2. Identify the app that seems to misbehave
  3. Click on the misbehaving application and open the App Information screen
  4. Tap on the Cache Clearing option.


Note that it is also possible to clear the cache for all the applications simultaneously. To do this, navigate to the storage, open the general settings, use the cached data option to clear all the apps caches. This will delete all the settings you have saved previously including the passwords and your preferences.

Just followed the above steps and nothing seems to happen? Then this means that the app itself has a major issue. Therefore, plan to uninstall the app and then restart the phone. You might also find it important to perform the phone backup before you start either of the above instructions. This protects your from loss of data and information.


Procedure for Clearing the System Cache

  1. Switch off the smartphone
  2. Simultaneously tap and hold the home, power and volume up buttons.
  3. The Android logo will show up
  4. When the logo appears a short vibration follows. Now release the power button
  5. Release the two other once the phone has entered the recovery mode
  6. To select the Wipe Cache Partition, use the volume button.
  7. Activate the using the Power button
  8. To confirm, click on the yes option using the power button.
  9. A press on the power button one more time will start the process
  10. After the reboot is done, use the reboot system now option to exit the recovery mode.


In case you continue facing the issue after you have performed the system cache wipe and rebooting the phone, try the Galaxy J7 factory reset. This definitely works.

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