Recovery Mode On Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S8+ Plus (Guide)

Do you clearly understand the recovery mode or it seems like a new word to you? Or maybe you think just because the Samsung S8 or Samsung S8 plus is working normally you don’t need the recovery mode? Well, just think again because soon, you will actually need it. Several Samsung Galaxy users have been asking around for help when it comes to how to start up their smartphones into the recovery mode so as to fix the different issues.

Just to let you know, the recovery mode is a different startup procedure that is featured on the Android devices. Therefore, this is not just another particular feature for the Galaxy S8 or the Galaxy S8 Plus. However, it is actually something that might help you when it comes to ensuring your device runs better.

The first booting of your device started the so-called recovery image. The image is a connection between the internal system of the phone and the user in this case being you. Basically, the recovery mode runs the recovery image.

After booting the device into the recovery mode, there are various important actions you can complete. These include things like performing a software update, hard resets, and data backups. Ideally, this is the wipe cache partition and the wipe Data or Factory Reset functions that the users want to try. When you want to optimize the system, through, the TWRP or the CWM recovery will most likely be the required action.

The CWM is just like the TWRP recovery and allows you to gain the root access, install the custom ROM firmware, get rid of the bloatware, Bootloader unlocking, and several other actions that the most technical users are aware of.



No matter the Action You Want to Complete, Here is the Procedure for Starting the Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy S8. It’s Pretty Simple than you thought!

  1. Switch off the smartphone
  2. Press the Power, Home and Volume up buttons simultaneously
  3. The Android Recovery Screen appears and once it does, release the buttons
  4. To navigate through the options use the volume down button
  5. Once the desired action is highlighted, you can use the power button to confirm the action


That is how you can start up the Samsung S8 or the Samsung S8 Plus in the Recovery Mode.

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