Note 9: How To Use Private Mode

The smartphones that are available in the market today come with the coolest features when it comes to technology. However Samsung mobile carries the greatest feature that is known as Private Mode on Note 9 and also commonly referred to as the Secure Folder. The feature is important especially when you want to keep the nosy persons from viewing what you have on the phone.

With the Samsung Note 9 Secure Folder, you don’t need to download the third-party applications so as to keep these intruders away. Here is the simple guide that you need to follow to activate the private mode on Samsung Note 9.


Procedure for Adding and Removing the Files on Note 9 Private Mode

  1. Open the private mode and turn it on
  2. Select the file you want to hide from intruders and activate viewing from the secure folder only.
  3. With the item selected, check out on the right corner and you see an overflow menu button. Click on it and pick move to private.


Procedure for Enabling Private Mode on Note 9

  1. Tap on the top part of the screen using two fingers and swipe down to see the list of options
  2. Select the Private mode from the options you see
  3. You will find the steps for how you can set up the password or the lock pattern for the first time once you are on the secure folder


Procedure for Disabling Private Mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Swipe Downwards on Your Screen and Open the list of the options and select Secure folder
  2. Click on secure folder and the phone will go back to the normal mode this is just like turning on the Bluetooth.


With these simple steps, you will now be able to setup the private mode on Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and also you can add photos to the secure folder to ensure authorized viewing.


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