Note 9: How To Enable Or Disable Driving Mode

Your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has “Driving Mode” and you might also have noticed this cool feature. The feature enables you to dismiss voice calls by sending a text message to the caller indicating you are currently driving.

Therefore, you are able to respond to the calls by sending a text message that reads “ I am currently driving and not able to pick the phone, – I will call you back later”. This is sent out automatically even without picking the phone to write the text. The feature is one of the most appreciated features as it helps you not to allow calls distract you while driving using Driving Mode on Samsung Note 9.


Procedure for Enabling and Configuring Driving Mode on Note 9

  1. Click on the text messages to open it
  2. Select the Menu button that is located on the left corner on the top of the display
  3. Select driving mode
  4. Tap on Add device so as to connect Bluetooth device to the driving mode. This also lets you ensure the feature is active
  5. With the smartphone connected via Bluetooth click on the box with the “Driving Mode Auto Reply” to activate it.


Now that you have already learned how to activate driving mode on Note 9, you know that to deactivate it you just need to unmark the box and it will be deactivated.

Another addition cool feature is that you can customize the text sent out. To do this, just select the Driving Mode reply message.

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