Note 8 And Note 9 Microphone Issue – Solution

If you recently acquired the new Samsung phone, you will definitely want to understand how you can handle the microphone problem on Note 8 and Note 9 device. Though this might appear like it is a minor issue, it is a major cause for concern for some users. This is because the issue keeps you from performing such basic functions like calling your contacts.

If the mic on Note 9 or Note 8 is not working, don’t feel worried as the issue can be resolved quiet easily. Thus, the person on the other end will not experience sound issues. The issue might arise as software or a hardware issue. In case it’s the hardware issue causing this to occur, then you ought to speak to a specialist in phone hardware. However, for the software issue, you can easily manage the issue by trying out some simple solutions. We shall provide you with these solutions here to fix Note 8 and Note 9 microphone problem.


Checking If Issuer Is As A Result Of Newly Installed Third Party Application

The issue of the microphone on Samsung Note 8 and 9 might be as a result of a third party App. In case you recently upgraded an application, then it is a good idea that you conduct a test so as to ensure there aren’t any applications causing the issue. You can do this simply by starting the phone on Safe mode. Once it’s on safe mode, run the normal functionalities since you have deactivated the third party apps.


How You Can Enter Safe Mode On Galaxy Note 8 And Note 9

  1. Ensure you switch off the phone
  2. Long press the power button while the phone is off for about 30 seconds
  3. Release the power button after the Samsung logo shows up on the screen
  4. Long Press the volume button
  5. Release the button when the device initiates the restart
  6. Safe mode text will be shown on the screen
  7. Let go the volume button and test the microphone


Leave The Phone Unused For A While

If you used the Smartphone for a long time, this might result to failed microphone on Note 9 and or the note 8. Thus, it is suggested that you switch off the phone and remove the SIM card so that the phone sits for a few minutes. Once you have done this, you can then insert the SIM card back and then restart the phone to see if the issue is now fixed.


Inspect For Accessory Issue

The microphone issue on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Galaxy note 9 is caused by often by the Bluetooth device that is connected to the phone. This results to a messed up microphone with mixed directions when it comes to directing the audio. You can easily test this by unplugging the Bluetooth device that is usually connected to the device. Once this is done, you will then test the microphone. If the issue persists, read on to see other suggestions.


Inspect For Firmware Problems

If the Smartphone Note 8 and Note 9 microphone is still faulty, this might be a firmware issue causing the problem. A factory reset procedure will help in getting rid of the issue. This solution is basically a data cleanup making the phone look as new as out of the box phone. However, before you attempt this solution, it is necessary that you back up the phone data. With the data backup, you can then reset the phone and see if the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and Note 9 microphone issue is fixed.



When You Have Tried The Above But Doesn’t Work

  • Dirt on or around the microphone might cause microphone issues. Check the microphone to ensure there is nothing around it and test to see if the issue is sorted out.
  • Consult a technician who is Samsung accredited since the issue might be hardware related.



Once you have followed the above suggestions you should be able to use the microphone. In case you still aren’t able to use the microphone on Note 8 or Note 9, the last solution which is seeing a technical expert will be much more reliable.

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