Locked Out Of Samsung Note 9: How To Bypass Lock Screen

For those that make fun of their friends when they can’t remember the Passcode for unlocking their phone screen, you will feel uncomfortable when the same happens to you. The issue of being locked out of Samsung Note 9 or any other smartphone is common among many smartphone users and therefore they want to know how they can solve this issue effectively. In addition, they are seeking a least insidious approach and an approach that will not lead to device resetting leading to lose of everything on the phone just because of the Passcode that is forgotten. For sure, there are different approaches that you can use to solve this issue.

However, we cannot promise you that the complete factory reset will be avoided easily. However, we would like to bring to your attention two other approaches that can help you solve the problem. These are the Android Device Manager and also the Find My Mobile from Samsung. These are the approaches that have been found to be much more effective when you are facing this issue. To solve the issue successfully through these two approaches, you will need to have created a Google and a Samsung user account prior to occurrence of this issue.

For a good majority of the Samsung Note users, they have a Google account created and registered on their devices. In case you are yet to create a Samsung account but have a Google account, you are still covered. Another advantage is that it doesn’t matter whether you were logged in the account at the time of forgetting the Passcode. You can have access to the account via the web browser on your Personal Computer. In addition, it is always very important you ensure that you got an active account for either of these services. Here is the actual approach that you ought to follow.


The procedure Through Which to Use the Android Device Manager for Samsung Note 9 Unlocking

  1. Use a PC to log in through a web browser.
  2. Open the Android Device Manager
  3. Enter your Google credentials
  4. Tap on the specific Note 9 that you need to unlock
  5. The next popup window has the Lock and Erase feature. Click on it.
  6. Follow the prompts presented on this screen to unlock the screen of your phone
  7. The next step requires you to create a temporal Passcode
  8. Enter the temporal Passcode and go back to the Note 9
  9. Enter the temporal Passcode you have created
  10. Now, you are able to unlock the screen and can set up the new Passcode that you can remember easily.


The Procedure for Unlocking Samsung Note through Find My Mobile Feature by Samsung

  1. Use the web browser to access the find my mobile feature
  2. Enter the Samsung account credentials and log in.
  3. The Remote Co0ntrol Feature Should be activated
  4. The prompts in there should be used to set a temporal Passcode
  5. Use the new Passcode to unlock the screen and setup a new Passcode.


Using the Samsung Complete Factory Reset To Unlock the Phone

The factory reset approach is not as complicated though you ought to plan before you attempt it. First, you need to have a backup of all the important files. This can be done through the settings, then the backup and reset feature. Alternatively, you can use the third party application or the cloud memory to backup the data. (Google offers you 16 GB free storage drive).

You should ensure you have backed up all the important files and information and then proceed to check this article that teaches you the procedure for completing factory reset for Samsung Note 9. Now, you have got the three options that are useful for unlocking a Note 9 device. Check the one that is convenient for you and practice it.

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