How To Use Selfie Flash On Samsung Note 9

If you recently purchased the new Samsung Note, you might have noticed that the new device comes with a megapixel camera. The camera quality though, is much better for the Samsung Note 9 device and this is because of the new Note 9 fewer pixels that appear larger. This feature increased the functionality of the camera in several ways. With the auto focus letting you select and lock on to the targets much more in a quicker and efficient manner. For many users of the Note 9 device, the increased pixel size makes it much more convenient, faster and increases the accuracy auto focus on Note 9 smartphone.

The new features have greatly improved the functions of the camera on Galaxy Note 9. For some people, they are still concerned with a lacking feature which is the front camera not having the flash light feature. There are available options that let you enjoy the benefits of the front facing camera when it comes to taking selfie. This is the application that is referred to as the Selfie Flash on Samsung Note 9. The downloadable application allows easy controls for the flash feature on your Note 9 front camera.

The application might have been inspired by the Apple’s iPhone screen flash with Samsung borrowing the idea and creating this improved feature. With the knowledge of the Samsung’s ability when it comes to offering state-of-the-art technology improvement, this is not a surprise at all. There are various qualities that the users can get out of the Samsung Note 9 selfie flash:

  1. The selfie flash comes as an installable application and not as an hardware option
  2. Selfie App requires you to make use of the screen and only works for the front camera
  3. With the Selfie app, the screen flash appears bright white for just a short amount of time while snapping the photo. Therefore, the screen will appear brighter.
  4. Selfie Flash application allows new quality cameras to capture the brilliant photos of your face.
  5. The flash is a better option since it is optimized compared to the built in flash or the flash option that comes with the Apple device.
  6. The application can be combined with other popular Samsung features like the beauty mode and also the motion photos so as to get a unique selfie each time.


You might not be able to find this feature as it is not mostly advertised. Knowing about the feature will prove to be beneficial when it comes to the selfie on Samsung Note 9. It might be an application upgrade that you want to share with your friends as the feature will prove to be very useful.

In case you have got any issue you would like to have clarity on when it comes to the Selfie Flash on Note 9, shoot us a message and we will reply back to you in a few. There are various informative articles that explain the new and the hottest Samsung features that are yet to come. Therefore, stay tuned!

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