How To Use Compass On Samsung Note 9

Not all Samsung Note 9 users seem to be aware that their device has a compass application. By any case, there are several other cool features, applications and other options that are waiting to be set right and therefore finding this tiny app might not be easy as it seems to be. Therefore, when these persons are in need for a Note 9 compass application, they download a third party app from the Google Play Store. This is as opposed to finding the already built in application on their phones.

There are others who are aware that there is such an application, but they don’t know how they can make use of it. They even don’t calibrate the application appropriately. From now, you will have a completely new experience once you are done reading this article for using compass on Samsung Note 9.


Procedure for Calibrating Compass Application on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

  1. Access the home screen
  2. Open the applications app
  3. Open the dialing pad
  4. Type *#0*# code through the keyboard
  5. Series of tiles will be placed on top of a white background
  6. Tap on the tile labeled Sensor
  7. A submenu will pop up. Select the Magnetic Sensor Option from the submenu.
  8. Checkout for the numbers that are displayed in the dark circle
  9. “0” shows that the compass should be calibrated and so you need to rotate the Note 9 to all the axes.
  10. Once “3” is displayed in place of “0” this shows that the compass has been calibrated and so you can exit the menu.


If you feel you should use the compass app on Note 9 when downloaded from the Google App Store, it is recommended that any Android Compass, Super Compass or the Pinux com pass application be used on Samsung Note 9.

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