How To Turn ON Spell Check Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Activating the spell check option on Samsung Note 9 allows you to receive a notification for misspellings that might appear as you text. The words that will need revision will appear underlined in red and when you tap on these words, you will be able to get suggestions of better words.

It is absolutely a personal decision when it comes to deciding if you want to receive these suggestions. As long as the feature doesn’t make auto corrections, then this is a handy feature of turning on spell check on Samsung Note 9.


Here are the steps for activating Spell Check on Samsung Note 9:

  1. Switch the phone on
  2. From the main screen swipe down the menu
  3. Tap on the settings icon so as to activate the Android settings
  4. Click on Language and Input
  5. Tap on the built in Keyboard
  6. Click on Auto Spelling check


Because you might be used to this setting, it switches the status after you have tapped it. In case it was disabled previously, you just activated Samsung Note 9 spell check. Therefore, you can now use the spelling check on the phone. In case you want it deactivated, you can do that by following the same steps.

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