How To Turn On ‘Ok Google’ For Galaxy S8 And Galaxy S9

Samsung is continually taking the old features and reinventing them under their own conditions. Thus for the original android services by Google, Samsung is personalizing these features and a good example is the Voice Assistant feature. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 Smartphone’s feature an inbuilt voice assistant that out matches the Google’s Now Service.

For several users of the phone an exciting feature is the OK Google on Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8 that is followed by a specific voice command on the Android devices. You need to activate the feature to use it. Google Now settings are simple and easy to understand. Even those that aren’t familiar with technology will be able to use the feature. Essentially, this is through making use of the feature that is labeled “From Any Screen”. So long as you have the feature activated, the device will be able to effectively respond to the Google Now voice commands irrespective of the activity on the phone at the moment.

Circumstances where OK Google voce on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 will not be able to give you the desired outcome will only be while the phone is locked. The lock screen on the device is not falling under the incidence of the service.


How To Turn ON “OK Google” In Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S8

  1. Open the Google Application
  2. Click on icon found on the top corner of the device
  3. Click on the settings
  4. Move to the voice
  5. Enable the options on the screen and on the Google search application
  6. Test and familiarize the application repeatedly.


Exit the menu and explore the device using the Okay Google voice on Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S8.


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