How To Turn Off Background Apps On Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 gets sluggish, this can easily disappoint you. You gave your money in exchange for one of the best devices available in the market and so when it turns out to be slow and the battery dies very fast, then this is not news you would stand. Fortunately, it is known that these occurrences might be as a result of the many applications you have installed on your device and keep running at the background on Note 9.

Therefore, it is absolutely necessary that you take control over these applications and restrict them from being active and scanning regularly. The manual update option can help you get rid of this issue. The objective here is easing the memory and making sure it’s working as it ought to. Here are the steps you are supposed to follow to turn off background apps on Note 9.


Turning Off the Google Services and Gmail

  1. Open the phone screen
  2. Navigate to settings
  3. Open the Accounts option
  4. Pick Google
  5. Select the right account name
  6. Untick the specific service to disable


Switching Off the Background Data on Twitter

  1. Open the phone
  2. Select the settings view
  3. Select the accounts
  4. Pick Twitter
  5. Select the Twitter sync option to untick it


Switching off Background Data on Facebook

  1. Open the screen
  2. Tap on the Facebook application
  3. Open the settings
  4. Open the refresh interval option
  5. Set the value to never


Switching Off the Applications on Samsung Note 9

  1. Open the device
  2. Next to the Home Screen you will see Recent Apps button
  3. Select the Active Applications icon
  4. Tap End All and Click OK to confirm


N/B it’s possible to close certain apps by tapping on the specific app manually and selecting End Option located next to the option.



Procedure for Switching Off Services on Samsung Note 9

  1. Open the device
  2. Access the settings menu
  3. Go to Data Usage data
  4. Select dotted icon that appears on the right upper corner
  5. Untick the Auto sync Data from the context menu
  6. Click Okay


In case you are facing issues with either of the above, contact us. We can easily fix the issue and disable even the stubborn Apps on Samsung Note 9.

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