How To Set Favorite Contacts On Note 9

There are various incredible features that come with the Samsung Note 9 smartphone. One of these features is the one that lets you favorite contacts that you want to discover and contact quickly. With a favorite contact on Note 9, it becomes easier when you are searching for the contact and this makes the phone much more efficient.

Checkout the information on this article and you will gain knowledge on how you can create favorite contacts. You will also learn how to add and remove the contacts from the favorite list on Samsung Note 9. Here are the much needed steps that you should follow.


Adding A Star to Favorite Contacts on Note 9

  1. Switch on the smartphone
  2. Scroll for the phone application
  3. Open the contacts section
  4. Add a star to the favorite contacts by tapping on the contact.
  5. Tap on the star from the red circle.


The above procedure lets you select the contact on Note 9 that you wish to create as favorite contact. Once you choose a particular contact and add it as a favorite, then it will appear on the list. Note that the contacts chosen will appear automatically and you can’t set the order in which they are to appear. To remove a contact from the favorite list on Samsung Note 9, you just need to remove the star or delete the contact permanently.

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