How To Record Time Lapse Videos On Note 9

Time lapse recording on a new Samsung Note device is also another big idea that users want to learn. The Time-Lapse on Note 9 presents a type of photography that will take photos at a slower rate and In a specific series. You can then go back and play these photos at a normal speed making things appear to flow faster and hence lapsing.

It feels cool when you make use of this feature especially while shooting clouds, people or vehicles. If you have a Samsung Note 9 phone, then you make use of this cool feature as it is built into the device. You can make use of the time lapse on Samsung Note 9 through the Hyperlapse mode on your smartphones camera.

In this tutorial, we will share how to make use of the Samsung Note 9 time lapse feature to be able to adjust the settings for recording.


Procedure For Using Samsung Note 9 Time Lapse Videos

Before you start recording the time lapse videos using Note 9 device, you should consider adjusting the settings to achieve a finished product look. The speeds can be adjusted from the default settings to 32X, 16X, 8X or 4X. to achieve this, follow the following steps.

  1. Switch on the Note 9
  2. Open the Camera Application
  3. Ensure the camera is on the portrait mode
  4. Tap the mode option on the bottom of the screen
  5. Tap the Hyperlapse mode
  6. Select the appropriate speed and make adjustments as you wish
  7. Tap the record button to start recording time lapse videos on your phone.


With the above steps, you already are aware of the process for using Samsung Note 9 Time Lapse video feature. Through this method, you will have to download any third-party apps for use on your phone.

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