How To Lock Apps On Samsung Note 9

As an Android device user, you might choose not to have the screen lock on Note 9 active. It is still possible for you to ensure the information on your device is safe. In today’s era, we see so much sensitive information being stored on the smartphone. If the screen lock happens not to make you feel safer, you can avoid unauthorized data access.

The normal swipe to unlock feature on your smartphone can be used and at the same time back it up using the third-party application to lock the particular apps you want to secure. The Google Play Store provides you with these options and so you can handle this effectively.

The AppLock on Note 9 is absolutely free and also very effective and might want to learn how you can utilize this feature. It is free and efficient and so might want to use it. Assuming that you just downloaded and installed the application, you might want to know the next thing to do. Here are the simplified steps you want to follow for learning how to lock apps on Samsung Note 9.

  1. Click on the application to open and start it. The first prompt is setting up the access Passcode and the account setup email address. Each time you want to use the application you will need that Passcode.
  2. Start the process of examining the super and easy way to use the application. Lock the applications one by one on the smartphone from the phone and texting application to other social media applications you want to control access to.


In a similar manner, you can make use of the picture and the video vault that allow you to secure the specific images and videos or other files you want to secure on Samsung Note 9.

After setting up and adding the files/apps, leave the application on your phone. While you are using the phone and would like to access the application or the files in the AppLock, you will be prompted to enter the Passcode before seeing the files. You can always deactivate the AppLock feature anytime you feel like. There are several other apps available from the Google Play Store that you can use to ensure the files remain private.

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