How To Fix Virus Infection Warnings On Samsung Note 9

If you own a new Samsung Note smartphone, the message “Virus Infection Warning” on Note 9 might be a common one on your device. This message pops up often on the device and we will explain to you how you can effectively solve the issue eliminating the problem once and for all.

This message is shown for those that lack the anti-virus application on their devices. This causes the message to be shown on the screen and so you are tempted to seek a way of eliminating the issue.


Procedure for Get Rid of the Virus Infection Message on Samsung Note 9 device

  • Whenever the message is shown on your screen, there are high chances that it is a fake alert. If this is the case, clicking on the message sends you to a new webpage and an APK file will start to be downloaded. This happens without you Okaying the download. This could be a virus download to your phone since this is a common trick used and those who send these alerts to the phones are paid by the app owner once you download the application.
  • Another instance is that when you tap on these pop-ups, it will cause more pop-ups to be shown on your screen. Closing the browser is the best way for dealing with this issue and the popup will hopefully be gone.


Possibly, the popup shows even after you re start the browser. In this case, it is best that you consider the Cache clearing approach from the browser and reset it. Here is the procedure for completing this action.

  1. Open the Applications icon
  2. Select the settings
  3. Tap on the apps settings
  4. Select the App manager
  5. Click All Tabs and click on the internet tab
  6. Click the force close feature
  7. Open the storage and tap on clear cache and data


Another possible solution is downloading the real anti-virus application from the Google Play Store so as to prevent this from recurring again. A good antivirus can be found from the Play Store by reading the reviews left by past users.

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