How To Fix USB Connection Problems On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S8

The main issue could be the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 not being detected by the computer because of USB connection problems. Thus, you will not be able to transfer files or photos from the phone to the PC.

Or maybe, it’s the PC that is not getting recognized by Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9. So, how should you address issues relating to connecting Galaxy S8/Galaxy S9 to the computer through non working USB?


How To Fix USB Connection Issues On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S8

In case you are experiencing issues while trying to connect the Samsung Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 to the computer through the USB, here is the procedure you need to follow to achieve the objective.

  1. Swapping the USB cord should be the first thing you need to try. Some USB cords aren’t capable of charging Smartphone hence data transfer will also not succeed. Ensuring you have got an original cord before attempting to connect to the computer or the laptop is a good solution.
  2. In case cord swapping doesn’t seem to work, there is still some other solutions to try.
  3. Disconnect the USB cord from the Samsung S8/Galaxy S9
  4. Switch off the phone
  5. Give it about 30 seconds while off
  6. Switch on the phone once again
  7. Insert the cord again back to the device and test to see if the connection is working once again.



You might also try “USB debugging” through performing the following procedures:

  1. perform Developer Mode activation on your phone
  2. open the settings and navigate to the developer options
  3. click the USB debugging so as to switch it on
  4. Tap Configure USB and ensure USB is on MTP mode
  5. Debugging is activated, and now you need to restart the phone and reconnect it again



If these options haven’t worked, ensure the USB cord can transfer files by using a different phone.

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