How To Fix Samsung Note 9 Microphone Problem

If you just bought a new Samsung device, you might want to know how you can fix the Note 9 Microphone issue. This minor issue causes serious headache for some users as it disrupts basic functions like calling from the device. However, you don’t need to feel worried in case the device microphone on Note 9 is not working right. The issue can be solved easily and so you will be able to hear the other person you are calling clearly. In case the issue is as a result of a problematic hardware, you need to contact a specialist to help. However, for the software issues, there are few ways to solve the issue.


Check for Faulty Third-Party Applications

There is a possibility that the Samsung Note 9 has a microphone issue that is as a result of a third party application. In case you recently downloaded or upgraded the existing application, it is advisable that you run a quick test to ensure there is no application that is causing the microphone issue. To do this, get the phone into the Safe Mode and run it in the normal functioning mode which is by uninstalling all the applications that might be causing the issue.


Procedure for Starting Smartphone on Safe Mode

  1. Switch off the Samsung Note 9
  2. After 30 seconds press and hold the startup button
  3. When the Samsung logo is seen on the screen, release the power button
  4. Press and hold the volume button
  5. Release the volume button and the phone will restart.
  6. The text safe mode will be displayed on the screen.
  7. Let go the volume button and test the microphone.


Leave the Phone Unused For a While

Over usage of the phone might lead to the microphone issue. It is therefore suggested that you switch off the phone and unplug the SIM card and leave the phone idle for a while. Insert the SIM card back and restart the phone to see if the issue will have been solved.


Accessory Issues Causing Microphone issue On Note 9

The microphone issue might be as a result of Bluetooth device that is connected to the phone. Therefore this makes the speaker to become problematic because the device is receiving commands from different directions regarding the place to direct the audio. You can test for this issue by disconnecting the device and then testing the microphone. In case the microphone on Note 9 still has the issues, read these suggestions.


The issue s Elsewhere Not with the Firmware

In case the Microphone is still having issues, there is a high possibility that the firmware issues might be causing the issues. These can be fixed by trying the reset feature. Proceed and carryout the phone reset on the Samsung Note 9 to fix the issue.


If the Problem still persists

  1. Ensure that there is no dirt debris or dust that is stuck around the microphone. In case there is something of the sought, remove it and ensure the slot is clear. Then test the microphone and when you can find an improvement on the quality of the microphone.
  2. Take the phone to a recommended technician if the issue is still there. This is because the issue might be as a result of a faulty hardware.


Once you have gone through the above steps, you should be able to fix the Samsung Note 9 microphone.

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