How To Fix Samsung Galaxy Note 9 That Turns Off Randomly

When the Samsung Note turns off randomly while you are in the middle of something important or less important, you will feel that it is a weird action. When this happens again, you might end up becoming concerned.

These sudden shut downs might not be associated with a particular application. In case this had happened, solving the issue might be much easier because it is just wiping the application cache ort even uninstalling the application to see what happens.


Factory Reset as a Solution for Samsung Note 9 Random Shut Down

This is an option that requires you to follow the exact procedure for factory reset on Note 9. Remember to carry out the backup since this action deletes everything when you try it. With a backup, you will be able to restore everything at a later date. Therefore, it is up to you to ensure that you protect the important files by following the suggestions given here. With the phone back to the normal state, it looks as good as a new device and so you need to carry out the configurations making it a fully usable device.


Clearing the System Cache on Samsung Note 9

In case the reset only option settles the issue, the problem might recur at some point relating to the smartphones activity. The logical thing you need to do is to return the device to recovery mode through the Cache wipe option.

You know what you ought to do as you are already accustomed to other Note 9 issues that require this solution. Simultaneously hold and press the power, Volume button and the home key and release it when the blue recovery text shows up on the screen of the phone. The Samsung Logo will also show up. Navigate the Volume down and activate options with the power key. Make use of the cache wipe and “reboot the device now”.


Checking the Manufacturer’s Warranty

There is no other solution that you can try alone and therefore without wasting time check the warranty to confirm that it works for you. In case the Note 9 switches off randomly while it is still under the warranty cover, take it for the authorized repair service.


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