How To Fix Red-Eye On Samsung Note 9

The Red eye issue is one of the most annoying issues that Samsung Note owners face. The pictures are not as perfect as they ought to be but then the good news is that you can effectively solve the issue of the red eye in Note 9.

This guide illustrates how you can stop worrying about the issue of the red eye. It is actually a feature that is labeled Red-eye Correction on Samsung Note 9 and you will have to take of it.


The Procedure for Fixing Red-Eye on Samsung Note 9 Camera

  1. Open the gallery application
  2. Checkout for the images that you wish to correct the red-eye
  3. Click on the phone screen to check-out the available options.
  4. Tap on the photo editor
  5. Select the Portrait
  6. Select the Red Eye
  7. Tap on the area on the image where you will see the red eye manifest and the red eye feature is going to handle the rest.


As illustrated above, there is no exacting feature to use to activate and ensure there is no red eye problem on Note 9. This is because the red eye issue is common in Samsung Note 9 images. Therefore this is an option that will let you edit and auto correct the pictures once done.

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