How To Fix No Service On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S8

The Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 no service issue can be a headache to many. This is when the Galaxy S8 or Galaxy S9 is displaying No Service.

You are not able to call or send text messages. Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9 displays “Only Emergency Calls” Network Connection unavailable on Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9, there are no network bars on Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S9.


How To Solve No Service On Samsung Galaxy S9 And Galaxy S8

In case you are experiencing no service displayed on the Samsung Galaxy device, try these procedures to address the issue on your phone.

  1. Switch off the device and switch it on again
  2. Open the settings and navigate to general settings then select the reset option
  3. Tap on network settings resetting
  4. This erases the saved WiFi Passcodes, hence ensure you reconnect the WiFi once you are done
  5. Now try calling
  6. In case there is no service, open the settings, navigate to the connections and open the mobile network option
  7. Click on the network mode and try switching to WCDMA/GSM mode or another option under the ones displayed
  8. Tap on the Network providers option and select networks search
  9. When the search is completed, tap the carrier and try testing the network connection now.
  10. If you can’t connect , check if the SIM card is working. This can be done by simply inserting it on another phone. You might want to replace the SIM card or you can call the service provider to ensure the SIM is activated.


In case the issue persist, you will want to try other options or replacing the phone

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